The Kobold Warrens

The PCs set off to search the Kobold Warrens for evidence of the Kobold's plans and the identity of this "Fire God."

After battling their way through scores of Kobolds, they came to a part of the cave with worked stone walls. Yurthen was able to determine that they were ancient, older even than the stone walls of the Dwarven city Helm, and expertly made to stand the test of time. They had happened upon the ruins of a buried city.

They were able to solve a shadow puzzle locking a door that led further into the ruins, and came to a large room that contained what appeared to be a scying pool.  When they stepped closer to investigate, however, great tentacles emerged and attacked. It was then they learned that it was not a scying pool, but a portal to another plane.

They defeated the extraplaner creature, and found a note where someone detailed his experiments on the portals, and his plans to use to Kobolds to test the defenses of the humans. The note also referenced a coming war between the humans.

Armed with this knowledge, the PCs headed back towards Cytheria to inform the Daring Dragoon of their findings.




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