Fort Midpoint

A Kobold Problem

The Players met at the front gates of Cytheria, but were denied entry.  The City gates have been locked down due to a theft in the city.

While pondering how they could get access to the city, they spotted a man dressed in the uniform of the Cytherian Guard approaching from across the desert sands.  He was badly injured, but they were able to stabilize his condition, and he informed them that Fort Midpoint had been taken by a large force of Kobolds.

Sir Richard the Maimed, Guard Captain of Cytheria, offered the Adventurer's a deal. If they were able to deal with the Kobold problem, the City Council would definately wish to meet with them – which would, of course, neccesitate their entry to the city.

The party travelled to Fort Midpoint to find it locked down by Kobolds, but the party Bard was able to enter the fort by breaking into a whirlwind of gemstones and passing through the gate.  It turns out Amasuna is a Shardmind - and also what was stolen from Cytheria.  It turns out that Shardminds are valued as slaves by the most affluent of Cytheria's citizens.

She was able to bluff a Kobold into opening the gate to allow the rest of the party entry. They were able to clear the courtyard, and have taken a short rest before checking the interior of the fort…



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