The Council of Kyrk

After slaying Francis the Wizard (who had been conducting experiments to turn the townsfolk of Kyrk into living weapons) the PCs came upon an active portal. After some trepidation, they stepped through and found themselves on a free floating island high above the darkened lands of the Shadowfell.

After dispatching a pair of Intellect Devourers and a Giant Fell Bloodleech, our heroes found the artifact that was holding the portal open. Unfortunately, as soon as the artifact was removed, the portal closed, trapping whoever removed it on the wrong side. They were able to secure a rope to the artifact, and pull it loose from it's housing while they were on the other side, (hopefully) closing the portal forever.

On their way out of the lab, the Sheriff of Kyrk stopped them, revealing that Rhogar had been exiled from Kyrk.  Ama attempted to talk their way out of the situation and the Sheriff agreed to let the others go, but demanded that Rhogar remain to face him in one-on-one combat. Alda advised the group that this would be an acceptable compromise, but Ama made a counteroffer involving an arrow to the Sheriff's face.

After defeating the Sheriff, they exited the lab to find a group of guards waiting for them. When they discovered the Sheriff had been slain, they thanked the PCs. An emergency meeting of what remained of the down guard decided that these Heroes of Kyrk would be named the newly-created "Council of Kyrk." The PCs are now the leaders of this small community, and they have a lot of work ahead of them – including naming a new Sheriff to lead the town in their stead while they are out adventuring.



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