The Problem with Kyrk

The PCs returned to Cytheria, and told The Daring Dragoon what they had found.  He was concerned by the mention of a coming war between humans in the note – the Dragoon keeps careful tabs on the goings-on in Cytheria, and was certain that if there were some preparations for war, he would know about them.  He asked the PCs to head to Kyrk and ask around.

The PCs arrived in Kyrk and went about investigating what might be going on. They learned that the townsfolk in Kyrk had been falling ill and disappearing, kidnapped by the town guard. They also learned of a secret tunnel behind the Sheriff's office, where the disappearing citizens are being taken.

They entered the tunnel and discovered an underground complex. It seems that Stan, the Sheriff, has been performing experiments on the townsfolk.  According to the notes the PCs found, the Apple Water is actually coming from an active portal. Drinking enough Apple Water builds up a person's resistance to the dark energy coming from the portal.  Once their resistance is high enough, they mutate into unthinking fell creatures. Stan plans to use these creatures to wage war on Cytheria.

The PCs stormed the complex, killing several guards.  They were also forced to kill two of the mutated townsfolk, who had been enslaved by magical collars.


After their encounter with the mutants, the PCs came to a closed door, hearing whispers and shuffling inside…



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