The Kobold Warrens

The PCs set off to search the Kobold Warrens for evidence of the Kobold's plans and the identity of this "Fire God."

After battling their way through scores of Kobolds, they came to a part of the cave with worked stone walls. Yurthen was able to determine that they were ancient, older even than the stone walls of the Dwarven city Helm, and expertly made to stand the test of time. They had happened upon the ruins of a buried city.

They were able to solve a shadow puzzle locking a door that led further into the ruins, and came to a large room that contained what appeared to be a scying pool.  When they stepped closer to investigate, however, great tentacles emerged and attacked. It was then they learned that it was not a scying pool, but a portal to another plane.

They defeated the extraplaner creature, and found a note where someone detailed his experiments on the portals, and his plans to use to Kobolds to test the defenses of the humans. The note also referenced a coming war between the humans.

Armed with this knowledge, the PCs headed back towards Cytheria to inform the Daring Dragoon of their findings.


Paths Diverged

Our brave heroes decided to take a short rest before continuing, triggering an ingenious Kobold trap.  The ground beneath Rhogar and Leiana opened, swallowing them up. It would be days before they would be able to make their escape and rejoin the group.

Ama, Yurthen, and Alda continued on.  They triumphed against the Kobold's Champion and his Fire Beetle pet, and learned that his tribe had come under the influence of something they called "The Fire King."

They brought this intelligence back to the Council of Five in Cytheria, only to discover that the council did not seem the most reputable of ruling bodies. During their meeting, a flamboyantly dressed man in a mask appeared. He knocked over Head Councilman Fink, stealing some official looking papers that the Councilman was carrying.

Ama recognized this masked man as the Daring Dragoon, a folk hero who was known to fight against the establishment for the common folk.  Yurthen aided the Dragoon's escape, then took off after him along with Alda.  

Ama remained behind to attempt to talk their way out of trouble.  She managed to convince the Council not to arrest them all – provided the party brought them the head of the Dragoon within 24 hours.

Yurthen and Alda caught up with the Dragoon, and set up a meeting to discuss their common goals.

The Party rejoined, and located the head of a man who had been recently executed for High Tax Evasion. They put a duplicate of the Dragoon's mask on this head, and successfully passed it off as the Daring Dragoon.

Rhogar and Leiana will hopefully be able to escape from the hole soon.


Fort Midpoint
A Kobold Problem

The Players met at the front gates of Cytheria, but were denied entry.  The City gates have been locked down due to a theft in the city.

While pondering how they could get access to the city, they spotted a man dressed in the uniform of the Cytherian Guard approaching from across the desert sands.  He was badly injured, but they were able to stabilize his condition, and he informed them that Fort Midpoint had been taken by a large force of Kobolds.

Sir Richard the Maimed, Guard Captain of Cytheria, offered the Adventurer's a deal. If they were able to deal with the Kobold problem, the City Council would definately wish to meet with them – which would, of course, neccesitate their entry to the city.

The party travelled to Fort Midpoint to find it locked down by Kobolds, but the party Bard was able to enter the fort by breaking into a whirlwind of gemstones and passing through the gate.  It turns out Amasuna is a Shardmind - and also what was stolen from Cytheria.  It turns out that Shardminds are valued as slaves by the most affluent of Cytheria's citizens.

She was able to bluff a Kobold into opening the gate to allow the rest of the party entry. They were able to clear the courtyard, and have taken a short rest before checking the interior of the fort…


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