The coastal town of Kyrk is the oldest settlement on Dyrik, and boasts the only maintained docks available for incoming ships looking to trade. Their economy used to be maintained by ships coming in from the Sword Coast, but with resources scarce from the long drought the ships are not as common a sight as they once were.  

Kyrk is a small town compared to Cytheria, having only a few small shops, the Docks, and the Kyrkway Inn.

The residents of Kyrk have developed a unique ability over the years – they are able to drink what they call “Apple Water.”  Despite the encouraging name, Apple Water is a thick, brackish liquid that causes severe illness in any who drink it, save for the residents of Kyrk (though some residents do still get sick from drinking it).  Because of this, many Kyrk residents have turned to “water prospecting” – seeking out water to trade to outsiders, and apple water to trade amongst themselves.

Kyrk is defended by a handful of volunteer Watchman, who take shifts keeping vigil from the tall watchtower in the center of town. It is populated primarily by humans and halflings.

Population – 603


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