By far the largest city on Dyrik, Cytheria is also the most prosperous. While water is not plentiful (or necessarily cheap) it is readily available to those willing and able to pay for it.  A city of commerce, the streets of Cytheria are lined with glittering shops and nearly everything is available – for those who have the coin to back up their desires. A large stone wall protects Cytheria’s inhabitants from the dangers that stalk the dunes.

Cytheria is administrated by a ruling Council of Five.  An appointment to the council is for life (or until a council member decides to step down) and incoming council members are voted in by Cytheria’s citizens from a pool of candidates approved by remaining council members.

Those who live in the Noble district enjoy a lifestyle of (relative) excess, with large estates, extravagant artwork, and servants to cater to their whims. It has even become fashionable for the most affluent to obtain constructs as servants, and the higher class are willing to pay exorbitant sums to have a minor golem or Iron guard dog in their household.

For those in the poor district, life is harder. Many scrape by to make ends meet, and some even turn to a life of crime to feed themselves – a problem that is largely ignored until it touches the more affluent class.

Carrying weapons is prohibited within the walls of Cytheria save for members of the Cytherian Guard, those engaged in private security for the more powerful citizens, and those granted “special dispensation” from the ruling council in the form of an “Adventurer’s Writ.”

Cytheria is inhabited primarily by Humans, but members of all races walk the streets.

Population: 1016


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