Amasunu "Ama"

Shardmind Bard


A mass of amber colored crystals held together by psychic energy, causing a glow whose brightness can be willfully controlled.
Approximately 5 foot 10 inches, with a relative weight of 185 pounds. Weight and height can be altered as needed by loss or gain of crystals.
Dresses in bandages and heavy clothing when not in battle.


As a Shardmind, age and gender are rather abstract concepts. Amasunu’s mental age is roughly 500 years when examining ‘her’ earliest known memeories. However, this particular physical form manifested less than two years before escape and subsequent meeting of her current traveling companions.
‘Born’ in Cytheria, she is one of only six Shardminds known to exist in the entirety of Dyrik. She served one of the five noble houses of Cytheria as a slave named ‘Twinkle Star’. Her mentor/father-figure was executed shortly before her escape for arguing that Sharminds were in fact sentient beings with free will deserving of freedom. Amasunu carries a blackened piece of him as a reminder of her reasons for joining a resistance group to free the slaves of Dyrik.

Amasunu "Ama"

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